Pick Up The Pen


SOLC: Day 1:  Pick Up The Pen


Pick up the pen

Start anew

Inspiration has become askew.


Pick up the pen

Get back in routine

Accountability is the key.


Pick up the pen

Take a deep breath

Open your eyes

Take a fresh look.


Pick up the pen

Jot it all down

Begin again

Inspiration is all around.


Pick up the pen.


4 thoughts on “Pick Up The Pen

  1. I love the effective repetition, Caroline. It is a great poem (I read it twice!) and is just what I needed to begin this month of Slice. I must admit, the thought of “picking up the pen” to write for 31 days is a bit frightening even though I love to write and usually write every day anyway. I think it’s the accountability and the fact that others are actually going to read and comment! My favorite line – “inspiration has become askew.” Thanks for a great beginning to my Slice experience!

  2. I love this so much! This is exactly where I’m at–beginning again after several months of not writing or blogging very much. Very daunting to think of doing it every day for the next 31! I take comfort in your words that “inspiration is all around.”

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