The Bullies


SOLC: Day 3- The Bullies

It seems that most of my days are comprised of lists.

These lists dominate and dictate what I do and where I go.

They are the bullies of each day.

The list of students I will work with for the day.

The list of plans I need to prepare.

The list of meetings I need to attend.

The list of parents I parents I need to call.


But these bullies don’t stay at work, they follow me home.

The list of errands I must run.

The list of things to be done at home.

The list of places this Uber, I mean mom, must chauffeur my daughter to.


The only thing not on my list is sleep, because that will easily happen after a day of being dictated and bullied by my lists.


6 thoughts on “The Bullies

  1. You are so right! And half the time I can’t keep track of my lists – those hidden/forgotten bullies are the worst when they spring up on you…

  2. I love your analogy and oh my goodness I totally agree. These lists are the reason I almost didn’t take on the slice writing challenge. The fear of adding one more thing to the list!

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