Morning Flight

SOLC: Day 7-Morning Flight

SWOOSH!  past my head, soaring high and up ahead.

A race against time.

Over the garage he goes

looking for a place to sleep.


What a startle.

What a fright.

As he flies and searches for a way

to get away from the rising light.


Finally, he settles in as quiet as a mouse.

Not in a tree, not by a bus,

but under the trim on the side of my house!


I couldn’t believe what I saw.

How long have you been hiding there?

My own little Batman

right above the garage door!



8 thoughts on “Morning Flight

  1. Great poem! Oh, I love bats! They actually are so good for the environment. I’ve often wanted to hang a batbox or two in my backyard. Do you know Bat Loves the Night, a picture book by Nicola Davies?

  2. I love how you started your poem with “swoosh.” It captures the surprise you must have felt and creates it for the reader. I was thinking it was a bird until the “batman” at the end, again adding that element of surprise.

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