The Power of Words

SOLC: Day 8-The Power of Words

My daughter’s High School Track coach has played a vital role in her success on the field.  During her freshman year, my daughter hit a rough patch during the season and didn’t know if she would complete the season, which was devastating to all of us.  The coach met with her one day to have a pep talk.  During their conversation the coach gave her one of those rubber bracelets that come with some sort of phrase on them.  This bracelet is black with bold white letters that say, “Finish Strong”.  My daughter wears it everyday and will not compete unless she has it with her.

She has had it with her at every basketball game, soccer match, and track meet she has participated in since the day of the pep talk. She has excelled at track, receiving awards for finishing in the top 6 at many events, and this year was named co-captain for the girls track team.

We are looking forward to seeing her success this year on the field, and as always we know that the bracelet will be with her, along with her coach challenging and cheering her on to Finish Strong.

There is a scripture in Proverbs that speaks about death and life being in the power of the tongue.  I’m so thankful that Coach Durkin spoke life during that rough patch, because she has been able to see the results of those words.  Thank you, Coach Durkin.