SOLC: Day 10-Decisions

Many people see the snow and tend to look at the negative but today I looked at the snow and saw its other effects:

The ordinary dressed to be extraordinary.

Trees inviting you to shake them and share in their delight.

Pathways behind my fence begging to be explored like a scene from Narnia.

Snowflakes dancing in unison to the tune of the wind, inviting you to the dance floor.

Admire, Explore, and Dance, choose one or choose them all.




5 thoughts on “Decisions

  1. I’m going to cry if we get anymore snow this year. I was fine w/ the snow up to a point, but we have had so much snow that we now have potholes the size of small cars and have already seen flooding w/ more likely to come.

  2. Great images here! I thought people loved snow! I have no context for it as I have lived in Florida all of my life. It always looks pretty in my head and you have captured those images here so well.

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