SOLC: Day 17-Heartbroken

On March 5, I posted about my mother receiving the news from my niece that she was expecting her first child.  All that changed this evening with one phone call from my sister.  I had a range of emotions and I attempted to put them into words.

Our  hearts are heavy today,

and joy has turned to grief.

The baby that was recently announced,

it’s life was just too brief.

We never got to meet you,

nor look into your eyes.

Now a black cloud has drifted over us,

as your family mourns and cries.

We want you to know that you were loved beyond measure.



4 thoughts on “Heartbroken

  1. Oh my goodness… I am so sorry. My niece is at the twelve week mark, and I pray everyday for a healthy pregnancy. Every hope and dream goes into that tiny life. I hope she will be blessed with another… Your poem is painfully honest, yet poignant in honoring the love surrounding this expectant life. Thank you for baring this pain

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