The Power of Words-Part 2

SOLC: Day 18-The Power of Words-Part 2

During the course of this challenge, I have written 2 pieces that have affected particular people in a way I didn’t expect.  Earlier in the month I wrote about my daughter’s Track Coach and the influence she has been on my daughter.  My husband works part time at my daughter’s school and happened to show the post to the coach.  Much to his surprise she became very emotional when she read it because she had been having a rough day and the post was just the thing she needed to help her feel better.  The second piece was yesterday’s post about my niece’s miscarriage.  She read the post and told me how moved she was by the words.

Sometimes during this challenge I wonder if anyone other than fellow slicers would enjoy reading the slices posted.  These two incidents confirmed for me how powerful words can be to others around me.


7 thoughts on “The Power of Words-Part 2

  1. Words are truly powerful. I remind my teachers to think before speaking. There words can and should leave a positive impact on the students. Your words truly impacted people near and dear to you.

  2. Writing allows you to become vulnerable and impact ourselves and those around us. Sharing our words can make a difference, even when we aren’t expecting it. Words matter!

  3. Sometimes our words resonate with the right people at precisely the right moment.

    More often than not, I notice it is mostly Slicers who read my RALH blog. However that might also be because it is blocked from public searches.

  4. We think, “no one will want to read this,” just like our students do. Our words do carry power, meaning, and your slice is a great reminder that what we write can change someone’s day for the better!

    Thank you for sharing your slice today! 🙂

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