SOLC: Day 22-Breathe!

Today was very frustrating, and hectic.  The type of day where even the ipad that was charged and ready for a meeting just stopped working.  By mid day, I was envious of the people that were absent and I rushed from a meeting to heat up something to eat because I had students arriving in my room within 30 seconds.

As I arrived in my room, my phone rang with the news that a delivery I was expecting on Monday would not be arriving today due to an error on the end of the delivery company.  It was the icing on the cake!  I was furious!  I sat at the table with my students who were quietly reading and at that precise moment my apple watch buzzed a message:  Take a minute to breathe.  Really?!  When did my watch begin reminding me to breathe?

I started to laugh at the thought that my watch was giving me timely advice.  Well, I did just that…I took a deep breath, and tackled the rest of the day one item at a time.  By the end of day I was no longer frustrated, I had checked off the items on my to-do list, and even my ipad began to work.

It’s funny that the best advice I took today was from my apple watch!

2 thoughts on “Breathe!

  1. Apparently, the watch knew it was time to breathe, even when you didn’t! 🙂 Is that typically the Apple Watch, to send you little notices like that? My wife’s Fitbit tells her it’s time to move around, but never to breathe! 🙂

    Thanks for the humorous slice today!

  2. Enchanting. Did your watch sense your blood pressure going through the roof? Was it “random” timing? In any case, the advice was en pointe. I’m glad you could get that needed oxygen and calming.
    Odd how things calm down around us when we do.
    Thanks! I don’t wear a watch, but perhaps I can schedule some texts to self. 🙂

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