I’m going to do it

SOLC: Day 21-I’m Going To Do It

Every year I say it would be nice to have one, but haven’t done it.

I think I can pull it off, but I procrastinate.

This year I have decided to do it, and have started researching.

No more procrastinating.  No more regrets.

This will be the year I begin a vegetable garden, maybe a small one.

What advice do you have for a first timer?

Say Yes to the Dress

SOLC: Day 20-Please…Say Yes to the Dress

Countless hours

Countless stores

Taking pictures in each dress

Do you like this one?

What about that one?

How about this color?

Please choose a dress.

PLEASE choose a dress!

There’s always something not right about each dress.

I’m tired.

I give up.

I’m bringing in reinforcements.

This weekend will be it.

We will HAVE to find one for the prom, and finally…

Say YES to the dress!


Sunday Night List

SOLC: Day 19-Sunday Night List

Every Sunday I go through my usual list of items in preparation for the next day:

-Lunches made.  Check√

-Clothes picked and ironed.  Check√

-Schedules coordinated.  Double Check√√

-Emails checked.  Check.√

Now I’m ready to face a new week at work.

The Power of Words-Part 2

SOLC: Day 18-The Power of Words-Part 2

During the course of this challenge, I have written 2 pieces that have affected particular people in a way I didn’t expect.  Earlier in the month I wrote about my daughter’s Track Coach and the influence she has been on my daughter.  My husband works part time at my daughter’s school and happened to show the post to the coach.  Much to his surprise she became very emotional when she read it because she had been having a rough day and the post was just the thing she needed to help her feel better.  The second piece was yesterday’s post about my niece’s miscarriage.  She read the post and told me how moved she was by the words.

Sometimes during this challenge I wonder if anyone other than fellow slicers would enjoy reading the slices posted.  These two incidents confirmed for me how powerful words can be to others around me.


SOLC: Day 17-Heartbroken

On March 5, I posted about my mother receiving the news from my niece that she was expecting her first child.  All that changed this evening with one phone call from my sister.  I had a range of emotions and I attempted to put them into words.

Our  hearts are heavy today,

and joy has turned to grief.

The baby that was recently announced,

it’s life was just too brief.

We never got to meet you,

nor look into your eyes.

Now a black cloud has drifted over us,

as your family mourns and cries.

We want you to know that you were loved beyond measure.


Documenting the Journey

SOLC: Day 16-Documenting

Every year during this challenge, I work on a Shutterfly book and print a completed collection of the challenge slices.  Today I was adding my slices from the weekend.  There is a satisfaction in choosing background colors, layouts, and embellishments.  I always look forward to ordering the finished product and receiving the orange box in the mail.

My collection stands on a shelf in the office as monuments to the challenges completed over the years.  I am already clearing a space for the new book still being developed each day of this challenge.


SOLC: Day 15-Opposites

One is big.                                                                                         One is small.

One is black.                                                                                     One is white.

One loves winter.                                                                            One loves summer.

One by the door waiting to play in the snow.                        One on the floor by the fireplace.

One loves her daddy.                                                                     One loves her mommy.

Two dogs opposite as can be until…treats come out.

No opposites.

Two dogs sitting side by side agreeing for a common cause.

Snowy Days

SOLC:  Day 14-Snowy Days

Snowy Days are for:

no alarms

sleeping in

warm pajamas

fuzzy slippers

roaring fireplaces

watching movies


cocoa with marshmallows

spending time with family.


Calm Before the Storm

SOLC: Day 13-The Calm Before the Storm

A cold snap that let’s you know a storm is developing.

A sense of urgency to make sure everything and everyone is prepared.

A flurry of travelers hurrying to get home to loved ones.

An eery silence at night with no travelers in sight.

A pale pink sky announcing the impending arrival.

Waiting.  Waiting.  The Calm Before the Storm.

Time Flies

SOLC:  Day 12-Time Flies

All week you look forward to the weekend,

and in the blink of an eye…it’s time for prepare for work!

Where did the time go?