Hello up there

Yesterday as I was walked my baby Gracie, I couldn’t help but notice the colorful and crispy carpet created by the falling leaves.  I enjoyed walking on carpets of red, orange, and brown but as I looked down at the shape of the leaves creating the yellow carpet, something among the bare branches above my head caught my eye.  There, up on the tree remained a solitary leaf defying the seasonal order of falling and laying on the ground.


Up on the tree

all I could see

was a little yellow leaf

looking down at me.



Was he afraid to fall?

No, I dare to say

he just wanted to stay

to sway and play

in the crisp autumn day.


5 thoughts on “Hello up there

  1. What a sweet way to just look at nature and compose a poem by something you came around to while walking your dog. It’s amazing what we wonder and can truly think of as we go on walks and observe our surroundings.

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