The Finished Product

SOLC: Day 31

Each year during this challenge I take my daily slices and create a Shutterfly book.  I love the feeling when the book arrives and I place my book of slices on the coffee table for others to enjoy.  For me there is a sense of accomplishment at seeing them in a finished bound book.  I also get to take them with me to share with students as they work through the writing process.

Thank you to everyone who read and commented on my slices throughout this challenge.

As soon as I post this slice I will complete the last page of this year’s book, place my order, and wait for it to arrive.

Here are some of the previous year’s books.


24 hours later

SOLC: Day 30

It’s been 24 hours since my husband brought home the four chicks we are babysitting for a week.  Last night my husband checked in on them more times than when our kids were newborns.  You would think he was the mother hen.  I have to admit that they are very cute and it’s fun to watch them as they discover new things around them, play with each other, and watch their reactions to our voices.  I have even been guilty of frequently stopping by and picking them up to pet them.  By no means are we going to keep them but as we are preparing for a full house on Sunday, along with an egg hunt in the backyard, these little chicks seem to add a unique touch to our Easter weekend.

My babies for a week

SOLC: Day 29

My family loves animals and if I often didn’t put my foot down we would look like a zoo.  I’m never surprised by the cries or urges by my children of wanting another pet, such as my oldest who would love a pet fox (no joke).  So I wasn’t surprised when my husband showed up today with 4 baby chicks, yes baby chicks.  He came home with all the equipment, and the sad face, so that we can take care of them for a week while school is on spring break.  Of course there were oohs and ahhs from the kids who were immediately sold on taking care of them for a week, all while my husband quickly set up the box, light, bedding, and food.  He began explaining how he watched them hatch, how he couldn’t bear being away from them for the week, and how the teacher was happy that he would take of them for the break.  I wasn’t sure how I would react, but holding those little fluffy bundles changed my mind.  I knew they would get to me and I wouldn’t be able to resist.

My husband knows me too well and how I would end up taking them in…only for a week.

Morning Walk

SOLC: Day 28

Early morning walk.

New sneakers.

Grabbed her leash and headed out the door.

Up 3 blocks,

Around the corner to the side entrance of the park,

Walked (sometimes jogged) through the park,

Greeted other early morning walkers,

Out the front entrance,

Walked back home.

Early morning walk.


SOLC: Day27

It’s a treat that rarely happens, especially during the week.

Everyone was out of the house, either at school or work

No one was there to watch

Nothing to do

No where to be

So I snuck in a rare treat for myself,

A nap in the middle of the afternoon.

Watch those cookies!

SOLC:Day 25

She lays her head on Maddie’s lap hoping that her sad blue eyes will work their magic.

“No, Gracie.  You can’t have one.”

Her eyes glance over at the plate of chocolate chip cookies and she wags her tail.

“No, Gracie.  You can’t have one.”

She jumps onto the bed and lays flat staring at the inviting plate.

“No, Gracie.  You can’t have one.”

She slowly creeps towards the plate but stops and looks away when she is noticed.

“No, Gracie.  You can’t have one.”

The cookies are finished.

Gracie looks at the glass of milk and stares…


SOLC: Day 24

I’m amazed at everything you can do from the comfort of your home.  You can have anything delivered by a variety  of different companies.  Today that was very evident as I walked in from running errands and found my son getting a haircut in the kitchen.  The barber literally had a salon chair set up with the gown and all the other items needed for a proper salon station.  After a quick introduction, I sat in the living room to watch a movie but watched from the side of my eye as my son and his barber carried on a conversation as though there was nothing unusual about the setting.

I didn’t know whether to laugh or be impressed.  By the time the session was over I began to think that the barber was on to a great idea.  He finished cutting the hair, he cleaned up, packed up his tools, and was on his way to the next appointment with his chair.  I wonder if I could get my manicurist to come to my house?  Just wondering.

Cotton Trees

SOLC: Day 22

On my drive to school today I admired the trees that lined the big and small roads

trees of every size

in the background or foreground

all white

like bags of cotton dropped from the sky

caught on branches

resting on trunks




I’m glad I took a look.