Just Breathe

SOLC: Day 1

Last night as I prepared to begin this year’s writing challenge, I thought back to earlier in the week…


Tuesday evening my daughter had the honor of singing the National Anthem for her school’s Fundraiser Gala.  There were over 200 invited guests including the mayor and local business owners from the town.  As we traveled the long 50 minutes to the hall, I constantly looked back to see if she was nervous but she would confidently tell me that she was fine, and before closing her eyes for a quick nap told me that I should just breathe…but I couldn’t.

We checked in and tried to make sure we were in a good location to record the event.

I kept reminding her to do a sound check.

I paced.

I looked at the items that were up for auction (I think I placed a bid on several items).

I greeted friends.

All the while, I still had not taken that breath to relax.

How could it be that I was more nervous than her?


The time came for the event to begin and just as she was being introduced, the waitress came around to announce the choices for the main course.  I couldn’t listen to her!!  I couldn’t think about eating.

Everyone stood.

She took a breath.

I took a breath.

She sang.

I still held my breath.

Everyone joined her.

I still held my breath.


She smiled and walked off stage.

I exhaled and applauded.

It was over.

Why was I so nervous?  I knew she could do it.


Why mention this story?  Because I was holding my breath since last night until I completed this first slice.  Every year I nervously wonder if I will be able to complete another challenge.  It seems like I can’t exhale until the first slice is posted.

So now this first slice is done.

I can exhale.

I am ready for the remainder of the month.

Just breathe and Write!