Good enough to eat?

SOLC: Day 6

I was walking my group of 6 year old’s back to their classroom when they stopped to look at the 100th Day of School projects displayed on the bulletin boards.  They pointed, oohed, and aahed at all the colorful and creative ways to display a group of 100 items.  One project caught their attention…a picture of a container of popcorn with 100 pieces of actual popcorn glued to the container.

“Mrs. Gonzalez, did you see this?”

“Yes.  That was a very creative idea for the 100th Day.”

“I don’t think so.”


“Look at it.  That’s a big waste of popcorn.  I wouldn’t put glue on the popcorn, I would eat it!”

“Well, we’re not going to eat this project.  Let’s just enjoy it with our eyes.”


Just another day when you work with young students.

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