My furry baby

SOLC:  Day 8

Staring at the back door desiring to go outside in the snow.

Pacing back and forth.

Back and forth.

Coming to me and getting me to follow her.

Jumping at the back door.

What can I do?

She is a husky.

What else would a husky want to do?

So I opened the door.

She ran down the steps.

She zoomed around the perimeter of the yard.

She rolled around in the snow.

She smiled her silly grin at me.

Once she came back in she slept like a baby by the fireplace.

My baby, the husky.

5 thoughts on “My furry baby

  1. I love the way you composed your post! And the heart you poured into it. I have a snow dog and an “I’d rather not” dog. My 10 year old snow guy ran around like a puppy today, just because!

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