Eating Dinner Around the World

SOLC: Day 15

Tonight was our school’s Cultural Heritage Family Event.  Families arrived in the cafeteria with artifacts to share about their countries along with trays of aromatic dishes begging to be tasted.  As the dishes were unveiled, the room began to smell like an international spice shop.

There were so many options for dinner this evening.  Not even Epcot has this many options of international cuisine.  So, I grabbed a plate and began my international dinner tour.  My tour began in Italy, then a long layover in Portugal, followed by a quick stop in India.  The next leg of my dinner journey took me to scheduled stops in Greece, Ireland, Japan, Norway, Holland, and France.   The final destination of my trip found me in Ireland where I was engulfed in the comfort of Shepherd’s Pie.

Now the trip is over and my passport has many validation stamps.  I want to go back and visit again so I think I’ll try my hand at a couple of dishes in my own kitchen.