SOLC: Day 19

I realize that my thoughts today have been a sort of contradiction.

I am putting up a floral wreath for spring’s arrival tomorrow, but I’m also checking my salt supply for ANOTHER snow storm.

I’m planning for Easter family dinner, but I’m also checking that I have enough hot cocoa (and marshmallows) for after the shoveling is complete.

I’m counting my pastel linens, but I’m also checking that I have my scarf and gloves in my bag.

I’m looking forward to wearing shoes without socks, but I’m trying to decide which boots to wear for the snow.




5 thoughts on “Contradictions

  1. Ugh! I hope a transition from winter to spring happens soon for you! You captured the contradictions of this whacky weather cycle perfectly.

  2. This is the mindset of every March for me in ole Missouri. I love how you offset each bit of the slice. The teeter-totter rhythm of your contradictions is fabulous. Thanks for sharing!

  3. I like the contradictions in your poem – the specific things like the linens and woolens, the floral wreath and salt supply. I was running errands today and saw Easter candy displays and spring plants next to bags of salt. They’ve just predicted our first real snowfall for the season coming Tuesday and Wednesday. Crazy!

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