My babies for a week

SOLC: Day 29

My family loves animals and if I often didn’t put my foot down we would look like a zoo.  I’m never surprised by the cries or urges by my children of wanting another pet, such as my oldest who would love a pet fox (no joke).  So I wasn’t surprised when my husband showed up today with 4 baby chicks, yes baby chicks.  He came home with all the equipment, and the sad face, so that we can take care of them for a week while school is on spring break.  Of course there were oohs and ahhs from the kids who were immediately sold on taking care of them for a week, all while my husband quickly set up the box, light, bedding, and food.  He began explaining how he watched them hatch, how he couldn’t bear being away from them for the week, and how the teacher was happy that he would take of them for the break.  I wasn’t sure how I would react, but holding those little fluffy bundles changed my mind.  I knew they would get to me and I wouldn’t be able to resist.

My husband knows me too well and how I would end up taking them in…only for a week.