It’s still snowing

SOLC: Day 21

It’s still snowing!  My Winter Wonderland.  I wanted to include a video clip but I’m not sure why it wouldn’t upload to the post.

Final Checklist for Today

SOLC: Day 20

Looking at my list as I arrive home at 9:30

Wrote my evening emails.  Check √

Picked up extra milk for cereal and cocoa.  Check √

Met with parents for conferences this evening. Check √

Flashlights.  Check √

Warm fuzzy socks.  Check √

Finally sitting down.  Check √

Posting my slice.  Check √

Ready for another snow storm and school closure.  Check √



SOLC: Day 19

I realize that my thoughts today have been a sort of contradiction.

I am putting up a floral wreath for spring’s arrival tomorrow, but I’m also checking my salt supply for ANOTHER snow storm.

I’m planning for Easter family dinner, but I’m also checking that I have enough hot cocoa (and marshmallows) for after the shoveling is complete.

I’m counting my pastel linens, but I’m also checking that I have my scarf and gloves in my bag.

I’m looking forward to wearing shoes without socks, but I’m trying to decide which boots to wear for the snow.




Sunday Slowdown

SOLC: Day 18

Sundays are usually busy days for my family, but today since my husband was dealing with Vertigo, it was much slower.

Today was for resting,


eating together,

sitting by the fireplace,

watching movies.

Late Night Meal

SOLC: Day 17

At the end of the day

after all the running around.

Checking on family members

and taking care of taxes.

Getting home late and realizing that you are hungry.

What do I want to eat?

A comforting bowl of cereal.

Sometimes a bowl of cereal is what will hit the spot.

The Morning Alarm

SOLC: Day16

This morning when the alarm rang, I thought I might steal a few more minutes of sleep by hitting the snooze button, but then it happened…

A paw whacked me on the head,

“No.  Stop it.”

Another whack on my head.

“No.  Go bother daddy.” (I turned my back to her)

50 pounds of fur jumped on the bed next to me.

Now, I admitted my defeat and got up only to find the path of disaster across the floor consisting of tiny torn up pieces of paper like a path of confetti awaiting my arrival.

As I turn back to look at the guilty party, she was snuggled where I was just a few moments before…

curled up,

eyes closed,

snuggled on the blankets.

Happy Friday!




Eating Dinner Around the World

SOLC: Day 15

Tonight was our school’s Cultural Heritage Family Event.  Families arrived in the cafeteria with artifacts to share about their countries along with trays of aromatic dishes begging to be tasted.  As the dishes were unveiled, the room began to smell like an international spice shop.

There were so many options for dinner this evening.  Not even Epcot has this many options of international cuisine.  So, I grabbed a plate and began my international dinner tour.  My tour began in Italy, then a long layover in Portugal, followed by a quick stop in India.  The next leg of my dinner journey took me to scheduled stops in Greece, Ireland, Japan, Norway, Holland, and France.   The final destination of my trip found me in Ireland where I was engulfed in the comfort of Shepherd’s Pie.

Now the trip is over and my passport has many validation stamps.  I want to go back and visit again so I think I’ll try my hand at a couple of dishes in my own kitchen.

A week or Seven days

SOLC: Day 14

She is excited.  I am excitedly cautious.

She has finished packing.  I am double checking that everything was packed.

She has her passport.  I have a copy of her passport.

She will be up all night.  I will be up all night.

She will fly International with her class.  I will stay local at my school.

Tomorrow she will be in the sun.  Tomorrow I will be in the cold.

She will be working with kids.  I will be working with kids.

A week will go by quickly.  Seven days will go by slowly.

Ready or not, here we go!

The Treasure-Day 2

SOLC: Day 13

I loaded the CD into the computer.

So many files with images to take in.

Where do I begin?

I quickly clicked on the first file, and there…

On my screen staring back at me

Numerous photos of people weaved into my history.

I wish I could hear each photo’s story.

But for now, I will continue to open each file

and unlock the treasure map of…me!






SOLC: Day 12

Sitting on my counter…an unexpected box that arrived in the mail.

A family member that found me through Ancestry DNA.

We’ve never met…but through emails we connect.

Lots of pictures of people I never knew.

A treasure awaiting…for me to open.