Tinkerbell visited my classroom

SOLC: Day 8

I walked into my classroom one morning, and much to my surprise there was glitter all over my table, chairs, and floor.  It looked as if a glitter bomb had exploded in my room the previous afternoon.

As the custodian helped me clear the glitter, I tried to solve the mystery of who would have played a part in this extreme makeover, and not leave me a note acknowledging their role in my morning surprise.

Later that evening as I checked some email, came a message from the guilty party that read, “I’m the guilty glitter fairy.  My students had more fun than I expected.”

How could I be upset?  Tinkerbell had visited my room and left fairy dust as a surprise for me.

4 thoughts on “Tinkerbell visited my classroom

  1. glitter somehow makes me so excited to use it yet dread it all at the same time. You think as children age, they could control it better. But nope. Glitter is always a mess.

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