Change of plans

SOLC: Day 13

Arriving home today I was surprised to see my nephew’s car in my driveway.  As I walked in through the garage entrance, he was sitting at my dining room table working on his latest video project.  I also know that whenever he stops by, he wants me to make his favorite meal.

Me- “Hey, what a surprise!  What are you up to?”

P- “Hi waffle lady.  I’m on Spring break so I stopped by to hang out.”

Me- “What are you working on?”

P- “A video for my channel.”

Me- “Great.”

P- “What are you making for dinner?”  (You can guess where this is going.)

Me- “Why?  Are you in the mood for something in particular?”

P- Looks up and just smiles a wide grin.

Me- “Fine.  Waffles for dinner.”

P- “Thank you waffle lady.”

Of course, I set up his favorite toppings and we all had waffles for dinner.  I must admit, waffles for dinner was a great and sweet mid-week treat.