An unexpected stop on our journey

Today my husband and I were in New York.  It was a great day for a drive, and since we were in the area (and finished filing our taxes), we decided to go to Howard Beach.  This place is special to us because we had several dates in the area.  One particular location (just a simple diner) is etched in our minds because we went to eat there the night before our wedding.  The day before our wedding had been a hectic day and we both needed to escape everything and everyone.  We drove through the area and stopped to eat at this diner.  As we sat in the booth, the worries of the day were forgotten and we were able to remember the real meaning of the next 24 hours.

For different reasons (such as living in another state), we had not returned to that little diner until today.  We decided to drive through the area, and to our surprise the diner was still there.  Of course we had to go in and have lunch.  As we sat there, so many memories flooded our minds.  My husband even remembered where we sat all those years ago.  It was a great unexpected stop on today’s journey.  I am hoping we can go back this summer with the children.