Tinkerbell visited my classroom

SOLC: Day 8

I walked into my classroom one morning, and much to my surprise there was glitter all over my table, chairs, and floor.  It looked as if a glitter bomb had exploded in my room the previous afternoon.

As the custodian helped me clear the glitter, I tried to solve the mystery of who would have played a part in this extreme makeover, and not leave me a note acknowledging their role in my morning surprise.

Later that evening as I checked some email, came a message from the guilty party that read, “I’m the guilty glitter fairy.  My students had more fun than I expected.”

How could I be upset?  Tinkerbell had visited my room and left fairy dust as a surprise for me.

Somebody’s been sleeping in my bed

SOLC: Day 7

Every night is the same.

The moment I open my bedroom door:

she jumps off the couch,

the jingle of the collar tags is heard,

she bounds up the stairs,

races through the doors,

and jumps onto the bed.

Every night, she thanks me with a silly grin

as she claims my side of the bed…again!


Music in the House

SOLC: Day 6




Piano playing

A constant concerto with the best seats in the house.

The music is contagious

 I find myself humming throughout the day

Chords are rehearsed

Sheet music scribbled upon

When you walk through the doors,

No one needs to tell you…

Maddie is back  home and the concert has begun!

What a difference 24 hours makes

SOLC:  Day 5

24 Hours Ago



I hate my job

Don’t speak to me

Stress eating

I commented on other posts but forgot to post my slice! Ugh.



I like my job

I’m ready for a fresh start

My son passed the road test

Celebrating my mother’s birthday

I remembered to post my slice.  Yeah.


What a difference 24 hours makes!!

One minute freak out

SOLC: Day 3

My poor son nearly flipped out when he passed through the kitchen, and sitting on the island, was a package of diapers.

J-“Mom, why is there a package of diapers here?”

Me-Just smiling at him.

J-“What are you trying to tell me?”

Me-“Don’t worry, it’s for a collection at church.”


My son then ran down to the basement and scared my husband with the diapers!


Little did I know that a small package of diapers would create a big stir.

A rare Saturday

SOLC: Day 2

Things that make me happy on a rare Saturday at home:

  1. Not having an alarm wake me up.
  2. A relaxed breakfast.
  3. Staying in pajamas as long as I want.
  4. A nap.
  5. Everyone is home.
  6. Netflix.
  7. Playing or cuddling with the dogs.
  8. Another nap.
  9. Pizza for dinner.
  10. One last nap.

The award goes to…

SOLC: Day 1

Last night I attended a school fundraiser gala.  As part of the evening’s program several awards were presented to various staff members.  The “top” award of the evening was given to a woman who would rather not be the center of attention.  Before she was presented with the beautiful award, the Superintendent read aloud some quotes from other staff members describing the honoree.

As I listened to the warm and personal messages, these words stood out:



Role model


Source of inspiration


Dedicated to students and families

As I heard the messages, I couldn’t help but to wonder what people would say about me.  Have I been all of these things to students, colleagues, and families?  I believe I have.  I hope I have.