Thank You

SOLC: Day 31

During the last week, I have received two notes from different administrators thanking me for the work I have been doing during this time of remote learning.  Although the notes may not seem to be much for some people, I greatly appreciated them.

It made me think of how thankful I am for this platform to share my writing with everyone that read my slices.

So, I simply want to say THANK YOU.

Thank you to everyone that read my posts.

Thank you to all of our hosts, and supports.

Thank you to all of my fellow writers whose posts I was able to read.

Thank you for helping me get through an unusual month.

Thank you listening to me.

Thank you.

Why do you write?

SOLC: Day 30

Why do I write?

I write because:

it pushes me out of my comfort zone.

it connects me with other writers.

it makes me observe things.

it captures moments in time.

it is a good retreat.

it is fun.

I write.


13 Years and counting

SOLC: Day 28

My little dog Bella has always been my shadow.

If anyone ever wants to know which room of the house I’m in, they just look for her.

If I’m on the couch, she snuggles next to me (or on me).

If I’m in the kitchen, she lays on the mat nearby, hoping to be the taste tester of what is being prepared.

If I’m in the garden, she is sure to be found guarding my perimeter from birds and squirrels.

If I’m in the shower, she is laying on the mat, or peeking in to see if I am finished.

If I’m going to sleep, she will definitely be found curled by my feet.

My little shadow, or is she my velcro?




SOLC: Day 27

It’s finally Friday.

End of a long week.

I plan on




Good night.

When your child gets bored

SOLC: Day 26

M: Mom, I’m getting bored.

Me: What do you want to do?

M: Well, since I am going to be home for a long time, I want to rearrange my room.

Me: Again?

M: I haven’t done it since last year.  I can do it by myself.

Thanks to the quarantine, my upstairs hallway has been filled with all the items from her room.  This project will continue well into tomorrow.  This is what happens when your college student’s semester has been cut short.

About Last Night

SOLC: Day 25

Yesterday started as a good day.  I contacted students, supported parents, and set up various upcoming virtual meetings.  Dinner was ready a little early so I decided to open my laptop and begin yesterday’s post.  I knew what I wanted to share and how I would share it, but that was not to be.  At that very moment, one of my closest friends called and was crying because her father had just passed away.

I closed my laptop and went over to be with her during that time.  Everything else didn’t matter.  It was all too surreal.

Today, as I post this my mind is now swirling on how I can support her during a time when social distancing is the rule of thumb.

It’s been a Year

SOLC: Day 23

He tossed and turned all night.

Nothing was comfortable.

Too hot, too cold.

Not enough blankets, too many blankets.

He couldn’t get settled.

His mimd was on something different.

So many memories today.

Why?  Today makes a year his mother passed away.


Get some fresh air

SOLC: Day 22

I have been home for the last week and I finally had enough.

I needed to go outside for a walk.

I went out in the cool morning air and walked, and walked.

I needed to see the cherry blossoms that were in bloom.

I needed to see activity outside of my home.

I know that we have been asked to stay home,

but I needed to go out.

Free Concert

SOLC: Day 20

This evening I opened the back door to invite the cool breeze into my home.  As I stood in the doorway, I was me with one of my favorite signs of spring…the spring peepers!

I love their soothing chorus.

They are the closest thing I have to the chorus of Coqui’s from Puerto Rico.

I just stood in the doorway enjoying their song.

Each one has its own song

but together

their chorus rises and falls simultaneously

as if a conductor leads them.

I enjoyed their performance as long as I could, but I promise to be back tomorrow

for an encore performance.


First Day of Spring

SOLC: Day 19

Is today the first day of spring?

I almost missed it.

I’ve been sitting at home

working remotely

checking on students

creating new schedules

and answering emails.

Trying to stay safe

from an unseen foe.

At least I will open the door and place a spring wreath.

Tomorrow I will go outside and enjoy the signs of a new season.