The LOUDNESS of blank pages

SOLC: Day 4

Each year I take all of my posts from the Slice of Life Challenge and create a Shutterfly book.  I have truly enjoyed watching my collection of posts grow in the final outcome of those books.  This year as I was preparing to begin the challenge, I realized that I never completed last year’s book. As I looked through the incomplete book on my projects page, a wave of memories flooded my mind as I was reminded of the reason I did not not complete the challenge…the death of my mother-in-law.

Ironically, the color choice I had selected last year for my Shutterfly pages was black.  As I stared at those blank black pages I debated about what I should do with them.  Should I add something or leave the pages blank?

The more I looked at those blank pages, the more they seemed to speak about that time period.  Those cold black pages spoke to the depth of grief, a time of disbelief, a time of unpreparedness for the countless decisions tossed upon you, and the emotional fatigue endured during that time.  I decided to leave them blank.

My book arrived last week.  Many pages filled with hundreds upon hundreds of words…and then there are the blank pages, void of a single letter but speaking volumes.  I almost cried when I saw the blank pages.  I never thought I would be moved by the loudness of blank pages.