Free Concert

SOLC: Day 20

This evening I opened the back door to invite the cool breeze into my home.  As I stood in the doorway, I was me with one of my favorite signs of spring…the spring peepers!

I love their soothing chorus.

They are the closest thing I have to the chorus of Coqui’s from Puerto Rico.

I just stood in the doorway enjoying their song.

Each one has its own song

but together

their chorus rises and falls simultaneously

as if a conductor leads them.

I enjoyed their performance as long as I could, but I promise to be back tomorrow

for an encore performance.


One thought on “Free Concert

  1. Your poem has reminded me
    That it is once again time
    To open my door
    To spring;
    To follow that hum
    Down my block,
    Past the park
    And on to the nature preserve,
    Where the spring peepers
    Compete for my attention
    Among the warning chirps
    Of red-winged blackbirds

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