Get some fresh air

SOLC: Day 22

I have been home for the last week and I finally had enough.

I needed to go outside for a walk.

I went out in the cool morning air and walked, and walked.

I needed to see the cherry blossoms that were in bloom.

I needed to see activity outside of my home.

I know that we have been asked to stay home,

but I needed to go out.

4 thoughts on “Get some fresh air

  1. I feel you! Luckily our “shelter in place” still allows us to walk or jog alone outside.

    Hopefully your walk outside was enough to recharge your batteries for a while. =)

  2. I hear you- walking outside makes all the difference in my mindset! Craft-wise, I am in awe of your poem and the powerful punch it packs in a few short lines.

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