About Last Night

SOLC: Day 25

Yesterday started as a good day.  I contacted students, supported parents, and set up various upcoming virtual meetings.  Dinner was ready a little early so I decided to open my laptop and begin yesterday’s post.  I knew what I wanted to share and how I would share it, but that was not to be.  At that very moment, one of my closest friends called and was crying because her father had just passed away.

I closed my laptop and went over to be with her during that time.  Everything else didn’t matter.  It was all too surreal.

Today, as I post this my mind is now swirling on how I can support her during a time when social distancing is the rule of thumb.

3 thoughts on “About Last Night

  1. I am sad and heartbroken for you and for your friend during this time.

    Words don’t really do much justice during these times of intense grief, so I’ll just tell you I am sending love and strength your way – you will need some for yourself as you support your friend.

  2. This is such a complicated time, especially for those who are grieving. All of the social and religious constructs that we count on to help us in these moments are compromised. I’m so sorry.

  3. Wow, what a twist in your writing and day. I am so sorry to hear about your friend’s father. My heart aches for all of those who are experiencing loss right now.

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