A Forgotten Post

SOLC: Day 29 of 31

The other day I came across a draft I started writing before my daughter’s sixteenth birthday. I couldn’t believe it wasn’t finished. It only had one sentence, “Where has the time gone?”

I don’t why I had not noticed it before today but somehow it had escaped my sight for all these years. It’s funny that I noticed it now, as I am getting ready to celebrate her 21st birthday. I think I will complete the post and share it with her on her birthday.

I guess finding this today was like finding a treasure that needs a little cleaning.

3 thoughts on “A Forgotten Post

  1. A treasure…an opportunity… I have many starts from my children’s younger years, many never completed. I think sharing with your daughter on her 21st is a wonderful idea. She’s sure to treasure your words:)

  2. I love this! Something in this universe must have nudged you there, must have known that this writing, this very thing was what you needed. It makes me smile.

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