Open Invitation

SOLC: Day 30 of 31

Opening the window and feeling the spring breeze rush through the room.

I open the windows in each room as an invitation for the breeze to come in and run.

The curtains in each room do “the wave” as the breeze accepts the invitation.

Room by room,

upstairs and downstairs,

front to back,

back to front.

The breeze touches every corner in the house.

Papers are rustled,

my hair is undone,

dust bunnies go flying,

the breeze continues to run.

Now, it’s time to end the game.

I close the windows,

and the running stops,

I laugh when I see my hair,

because now it looks like a mop.

4 thoughts on “Open Invitation

  1. You’ve done such an amazing job here – the images and language you use are deceptively simple, but what you’ve done is incredibly skillful. Your poem is rich and playful and full of wonder. Thank you for this smile today.

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