Hello up there

Yesterday as I was walked my baby Gracie, I couldn’t help but notice the colorful and crispy carpet created by the falling leaves.  I enjoyed walking on carpets of red, orange, and brown but as I looked down at the shape of the leaves creating the yellow carpet, something among the bare branches above my head caught my eye.  There, up on the tree remained a solitary leaf defying the seasonal order of falling and laying on the ground.


Up on the tree

all I could see

was a little yellow leaf

looking down at me.



Was he afraid to fall?

No, I dare to say

he just wanted to stay

to sway and play

in the crisp autumn day.



31 Days

SOLC: Day 31

31 days have come and gone.

Days of stretching









31 days of writing

Not the way to start the day

SOLC: Day 30-Not the way to start the day

Arriving at school

A list in my mind

Things I need to do.

Opening the closet

My hand slipped.

The agony

The pain

It just won’t go away.

Two of my nails bent back

way too low.

The throbbing

The ache

Someone please make it stop.

The list will have to wait.

Band-aids have moved to the top of my list.

This was not the way I wanted to start my day!


Living in the car

SOLC: Day 29-Living in the car

There are days when I feel like I spend way too many hours in my car.

Back and forth to work

to the store

to the games

to practices


stuck in traffic.

There are times when we work on ipads or laptops in the car.

Some meals have even taken place in the car as we travel around.

And some naps have occurred while waiting for pickups.

My car.  My home away from home.



Around the World

SOLC: Day 28-Around the World

One of our school traditions each year is our Cultural Heritage Night.  It is great to see families gathered to share traditional attire, music, stories, food, and customs from their countries.  Did I mention the food?  The array of aromas from the various spices filled the air as an open invitation to sample all of the delicacies waiting to be tasted.  So…I began my tasting journey visiting each country represented and sampling all the various foods.

By the end of the event I felt like I had stamped my passport many times over.  I had tasted foods that were new and many that were similar to my own heritage.  I even got to take some delicious Noodle Kugel home so I can continue my journey tomorrow.  Time to add a new page to my passport.

Picture of the Day

SOLC: Day 27-Picture of the Day

Earlier during this challenge, I posted about my daughter’s search for a prom dress.  Well, last night she made her decision and today my husband and I went with her to pick it up.  The following picture shows the moment he saw her in the dress.


SOLC: Day 26-Sunday

Spending time with family



being silly

sharing memories

making new memories

What better way to spend the day.


24 Hours

SOLC: Day 25-24 Hours

It’s amazing how quickly things can change within 24 hours.

24 Hours ago I found out:
-a friend and her family were almost killed by Carbon Monoxide.
-a member of our school district community suddenly passed away.
-the Mayor of the town I work in passed away.

We make plans for days, weeks, and months ahead but we forget to cherish the moments we live in each day. Today I took things much slower. I cheered for a former student during her basketball game, I spent time with some friends, and hugged my family some more.

24 Hours can remind us to value the things that are truly important.

Date Night

SOLC: Day 24-Date Night

Unexpected surprise at the end of the week.

Just the two of us for a date.

Not mommy or daddy,

Just us.

Table for 2.

What a rare treat.

No squabbling kids.

No picking what they like from the menu.

We can choose what we like,

and enjoy a quiet meal.

Just us.


Quiet Evening

SOLC: Day 23-Quiet Evening

It is very quiet this evening.

Everyone is out.

Just me and the dogs.

Resting on the couch.

Watching TV.

Chinese food.

Just for me.

Enjoying the solace.

Everyone will be back soon.

It will be over.