Lonely Eggs

SOLC: Day 31 of 31

Each year I look forward to having an Easter egg hunt in my backyard. In 2019 I purchased way too many eggs at the end of the season, in preparation for the 2020 hunt. Last year due to the quarantine, the egg hunt was cancelled, and this year the eggs are still lonely in their new packages.

Empty little easter eggs

no kids from which to hide.

Empty little easter eggs

all hollow inside.

Empty little easter eggs

colorful and new.

Empty little easter eggs

not be used for year 2.

Open Invitation

SOLC: Day 30 of 31

Opening the window and feeling the spring breeze rush through the room.

I open the windows in each room as an invitation for the breeze to come in and run.

The curtains in each room do “the wave” as the breeze accepts the invitation.

Room by room,

upstairs and downstairs,

front to back,

back to front.

The breeze touches every corner in the house.

Papers are rustled,

my hair is undone,

dust bunnies go flying,

the breeze continues to run.

Now, it’s time to end the game.

I close the windows,

and the running stops,

I laugh when I see my hair,

because now it looks like a mop.

A Forgotten Post

SOLC: Day 29 of 31

The other day I came across a draft I started writing before my daughter’s sixteenth birthday. I couldn’t believe it wasn’t finished. It only had one sentence, “Where has the time gone?”

I don’t why I had not noticed it before today but somehow it had escaped my sight for all these years. It’s funny that I noticed it now, as I am getting ready to celebrate her 21st birthday. I think I will complete the post and share it with her on her birthday.

I guess finding this today was like finding a treasure that needs a little cleaning.

Answering the Call

SOLC: Day 27 of 31

There they were, racing back and forth on my back steps.

Occasionally, they would stop and look at me from the other side of the door.

I wondered what they were trying to tell me.

A few more joined them and now they were getting louder.

It was clear what I needed to do.

I went to the closet and grabbed the bag.

I opened the door and went outside to meet the crowd.

I walked over with the bag and answered their call.

I filled the bird feeder and took care of my backyard friends.

What Really Matters

SOLC: Day 23 of 31

Today makes two years that my mother in law passed away.

This day is a reminder of how fragile life is and how we need to cherish the time we have with loved ones because tomorrow is not promised.

During the past few months, my family has suffered several loses. The loss of a cousin due to 9/11 related cancer, the loss of a brother in law due to COVID, the loss of an Aunt, and the near loss of another member due to heart related issues.

Hug your family a little tighter.

Little things don’t matter.

Enjoy your time together.

Love each other a little stronger.

The Homework we share

SOLC: Day 22 0f 31

Sitting at the table and working on the laptop.

Suddenly, my phone rings and FaceTime comes up on my laptop.

My daughter asks if I am busy and, of course, I stop everything for her.

“Mom” she says, “I need help with my Spanish homework.”

So I stop everything I am doing and now her homework becomes our homework.

I hope we get a good grade.

Checking off the List

SOLC: Day 20 of 31















What a great feeling!

Garden of Possibilities

SOLC: Day 19 of 31

Last year, thanks to quarantine, I found myself in search of something that would make me feel productive. This led me straight to my backyard to try my hand at growing my own produce.

I started with a simple box, made by my dad.

I planted a couple of cherry tomato plants.

I planted 3 pepper plants (because I couldn’t decide on a specific color.)

I watered, checked each day, and hoped it would work.

To my surprise, it was a success.

So I added another box.

I grew mint.

I grew rosemary.

I grew cilantro.

In the early fall, I became brave and tried some more.

I grew lettuce.

I grew broccoli.

It was so satisfying to go out and pick my own vegetables.

I have already picked up all my seeds for this year.

A garden of many possibilities awaits in the backyard.

Where should I begin?


SOLC: Day 18 of 31

The alarm rings but I hit the snooze button.

I am so jealous.

The moment comes when I finally get up.

I am so jealous.

The warmth of my bed is now just a memory.

I am so jealous.

Can’t I stay home on this rainy day?

I am so jealous.

I start to pull the car out of the garage.

I am so jealous.

As I back out of the driveway, I look up at my bedroom window.

I am so jealous.


My dogs get to stay in the warm bed on this rainy day

and I am so jealous!

Morning Blooms

SOLC: Day 16 of 31

This morning as I walked into my classroom, I was pleasantly surprised by what I found on my desk.

This definitely made my day. Not just because they were so pretty but because it validated the fact that I was making an impact on a specific student.