Day 2

The Magnifying Lens

It seems that today will be a day for magnification.

The morning will be for looking closely at State Testing as students take PARCC and teachers navigate through the site.

The afternoon will be for looking closely at me during my observation.

The evening will be for looking closely at my house when the realtor comes to make suggestions for a possible open house.


I’m looking forward to putting that BIG lens away when I go to bed.


The Morning Bride

Coming out of my house this morning I was greeted and surprised.
Waiting on each step was a gathering of different color leaves
ready to greet each step I take.

One, Two, Three, until I reached the walkway.
The path was covered as a church aisle waiting for the bride to begin her march.

When did the flower girls prepare the path?
How long have they been waiting for me to arrive?

As I began to walk my eyes remained fixed on the serendipitous carpet beneath my feet.

Fiery red, golden yellow, and cheery orange.
Big and small
New and old
They gathered together to witness it all.

Standing tall I proceeded gingerly toward my car trying not to disturb the design.
Instead of a bouquet
my coffee was all I could display.

Instead of processional music
the radio station gave me the weather report.

As I sat in the car, there was no rice to shake from my hair,
but there were leaves under my boots to serve as a reminder.

The photographers were absent to capture the scene
but my mind will remember the path so glorious and serene.

The Dance

Sitting in my car at the light

waiting for the light to change.

The wind picked up, signaling the beginning of the dance.

One by one, two by two, group by group,

each slender dancer wearing their little frilly white tutu

came to display their marvelous routines and I was their captive audience member.









they flew around me, as if an invitation was being made for me to join.

All I could do was watch and marvel at how synchronized they became.

Finally, the wind died down and the dance was over.

The light turned green and I continued on my way.

Maybe I will join the dandelion dance on another day.




31 Days

SOLC: Day 31

31 days have come and gone.

A time to stretch and grow

to push ourselves and others

to stop and pause

reflect and record





A place for affirmation and inspiration.

31 days


Making time

SOLC: Day 30

Spent the afternoon with my sisters taking the kids to the movies and then out to dinner.

It’s funny, my sisters live within 3 minutes from my house but we don’t often get to spend time just “hanging out”.  Not because we don’t want to, it’s just the reality of busy lives.

It was long overdue.

Already planning the next time together.  Hopefully soon.

The Distraction

SOLC: Day 28

Finally sitting down to post

at the end of a long day.

Getting distracted

by the puppy

that just wants to play.

I stop and rub her belly

but those blue eyes beckon for more.

I give in to her request

this crazy pup that I adore.

Laughter in the field

SOLC: Day 26

My daughter played on her Middle School’s field hockey team for the last two years and many of her teammates were together from the time they played in the town’s recreational team.  I recently received a Shutterfly book I created using all of the pictures that were taken over the course of all those games.

As I looked over the finished product, each picture transported me back to each of those moments.  I smiled as I recalled how well the girls played together, the number of goals my daughter made, and all the screams from me cheering on the sidelines (I had a hard time staying in my seat).

After thanking the other team, the girls had a tradition of running in a line up to where the parents were cheering, taking a bow, posing for pictures, and running back to their waiting coaches to pack up.

Some of my favorite pictures of the team are the ones of their last home game.  They were victorious, again.  They thanked the other team, and as usual, they began to run towards the waiting parents.  This time it was different for me.  I realized that as these young athletes bowed and began their final run back toward their coaches, their laughter, wouldn’t be heard again on this field.

As the sun began to go down, I watched them run in the direction of the setting sun.  So poignant.  So symbolic.  This phase of their childhood was ending and I was privileged to be a part of it.

Good Game, Girls!


A rare evening

SOLC: Day 25

This evening I indulged in a rare event…I tried out a new recipe.  This may not seem like much but I have a collection of recipes from various sources put away in a binder, yet rarely do I get the chance to thumb through the binder and choose one I want to try out on a week night.  This is reserved for weekends.

Well, I pretended tonight was a weekend.  I chose a recipe, gathered the ingredients, and began my task.  My attention was set upon the task of creating something delectable.  Something I would want to repeat on future occasions.  The issues of the day were no longer of significance.

Ninety minutes later the dessert was complete, and I felt the sense of satisfaction one feels with “a job well done.”  Now I will enjoy the fruit of my labor and thumb through the binder in search of my next task.


The Call

SOLC: Day 24

Everyday since last Wednesday,

Thursday: “Mom, did they call?”

“Not yet.”

Friday: “Mom, did they call?”

“Not yet.”

Saturday: “Do you think they will call on the weekend?”

“I don’t think so.”

Monday the call came.

“Mom, did they call?”

Yes.  You’ve been accepted.

The look of joy was worth the wait.

She got into the High School she wanted.


Shouldn’t be left alone.

SOLC: Day 23

The flip-flopping of my stomach caused me to stay home today.

spending time by myself

no one else at home

silence in the home except for the sound of dogs walking around.

I lay down and watch tv

I should be resting but I want to see if there’s something good to watch.

A movie, documentary, opera, or game show.

Wait.  What’s this that has caught my eye?

I make a purchase of a new piece of jewelry.

Maybe it’s not a good idea for me to stay home and watch tv.