Mission Accomplished

SOLC: Day 31

This is the end of my 13th year participating in this challenge. Every year I create a Shutterfly book for all of my posts. Although I missed a couple of days, I have already worked on the book and can’t wait to add it on the shelf, along with the other 12 books.

Take a step back and reflect

SOLC: Day 30

Next week I am having spring parent conferences. In preparation for these meetings, I have been looking over their beginning of year work and comparing it to their current work. It has been so satisfying to take a step back and see just how far many of them have come on their academic journey.

Sometimes we may miss the milestones that students achieve.

Sometimes in the midst of planning, emails, meetings, phone calls, standards, observations, and frustrating days, you may not notice that you are making a difference. All the blood, sweat, and tears you pour into your students produces good fruit.

Sometimes we need to take a step back, take a deep breath, and look at how far our students have come.

Good Job!

No More Decisions

SOLC: Day 29

There are days when you have to make a lot of decisions and then there are days when you have to make too many decisions.

When I have a “too many decisions” day, I don’t want to make any decisions at home.

What is for dinner? You decide.

What do you want to watch? I don’t care

How was work? I’ll tell you tomorrow.

What time do you want to go to bed? Now!

Current Situation

SOLC: Day 28

I am trying to write my post but suddenly someone has jumped on the couch and sat on my lap, insisting on getting all of my attention. There is no stopping her. She is winning this round!

Yes, I did that

SOLC: Day 27

When you go away for two days and forget to pack your laptop. Yes, I did that and that’s exactly how I felt. Ugh!!!!

Never Forgotten

SOLC: Day 23

Today makes three years that my mother in law passed away.

This day is a reminder of how fragile life is and how we need to cherish the time we have with loved ones because tomorrow is not promised.

During the last year, my family has suffered several loses. The loss of a cousin due to 9/11 related cancer, the loss of a brother in law due to COVID, the loss of an Aunt, and the near loss of another member due to heart related issues.

Hug your family a little tighter.

Little things don’t matter.

Enjoy your time together.

Love each other a little stronger.

The Evening Alarm

SOLC: Day 22

It never fails.

The alarm goes off.

Every evening without fail.

A wag of the tail that I can’t ignore.

If I do, I get a paw on my lap.

Eyes look up at me.

I have to stop.

I can’t do anything more.

I look at those eyes, that wagging tail, and all work stops.

She has waited all day for our evening time.

A rub down, scratches that tickle, and some catch.

Once it’s over, I can get back to work.

Every evening at the exact same time.

My furry alarm clock!

The Mobile Office

SOLC: Day 21

It takes me about 30 minutes to get home from work. During the drive, I usually catch up with phone calls for different people. First, I call my husband to get a quick catch up on the day and let him know I am on my way home. Next, I call my daughter to find out how her day is going. On other days I call my mother and we catch up on anything and everything. I also check in on various friends and family members. The drive home turns my car into a mobile office. I am still taking appointments.

How I Feel

SOLC: Day 19







Hot tea




Stuffy nose


Chicken soup




The Morning After

SOLC: Day 17

Yesterday I wrote about my students creating leprechaun traps.

This morning…

-my “outrage” performance about the chaos left by the leprechaun

-the screams of disbelief and joy that lasted for about 15 minutes

-the clean up that lasted another 15 minutes

-the gold coins

-the shamrocks

-the stickers

-the sea of green clothing

-the songs

-the stories

It was a very busy morning.