She is picky

SOLC: Day 30

I took my dog early this morning to the dog park.  It was time for some mommy and husky alone time.  I packed a bag with a bowl and bottle of water and headed out.  We arrived at the park and were the only ones there, but we proceeded to go in and she was excited to run around.  After a couple of minutes, I realized that I had forgotten to bring a ball for her to catch but as I looked around I soon found one that been left by other owners.  It was beaten and dirty but I decided that I could kick it around for her to chase.

I kicked the ball and she proceeded to run after the it.  She caught the ball and sniffed it but she would not pick it up and she definitely was not bringing it to me.  I walked over to the ball and kicked it again.  Once again she ran after the ball but would not pick it up or bring it over to me.  As I took a closer look I noticed that all she would do is chase the ball, sniff it, and walk away.

Fifteen minutes later other dogs joined us in the park and my picky dog joined them in running around and chasing the ball, but again would only sniff the ball.

I guess she has standards when it comes to stray balls left alone in the park.


SOLC: Day 29

Finally, a day…

fuzzy slippers,

sweat pants,

no expectations,

movie watching,

popcorn eating,

sit back and relax,

who cares what time it is kind of day.

It’s been a long time since I’ve done this and it feels good!


Finishing the list

SOLC: Day 28

These are the final 2 items on the list.

9.  When I was in Middle School, I was responsible to teaching my sister to read.  We spent a summer reading together so she could be ready for the new school year.

10. I began an ancestry search of my family and my goal is to visit the place of their origin.

Writing these was a challenge for me because I don’t usually share too much information about myself.

Do You Know Me (Part 4)

SOLC: Day 27

I’m almost finished with the list.

7.  I wanted to be a nurse before I decided to get into teaching.

8.  Some of my earliest childhood memories are of me picking items with my cousin and grandmother in her garden.

Do You Know Me (Part 3)

SOLC: Day 26

This is a continuation of the previous slice.

Here are the next two items on my list.

5.  One of my relatives was the first lady of Puerto Rico.

6.  My husband, daughter (3 weeks old at the time), and I were in a horrible car accident that threw us off the road and totaled the car.  My daughter and husband were fine.  I walked away with just some minor scrapes and bruises.  It took me a couple of weeks before I was mentally ready to drive again.

Do You Know Me (Part 2)

SOLC:  Day 25

Yesterday I wrote the first two items on a list of 10 things most people don’t know about me.  Today, I am adding the next 2 facts on my list:

3.  I am the first person in my family to graduate from college.

4.  I grew up in a predominantly Jewish neighborhood and for many years wondered why I didn’t have a menorah to display in my window but I always enjoyed holidays because the neighbors would always share some of their meals with us.

Do you know me?

SOLC: Day 24

I read a post the other day by a fellow slicer (sorry, I can’t remember the site or slicer) that listed 10 tens most people didn’t know about her.

It inspired me to begin a list of things that most people wouldn’t know about me.  Today I will list 2 of the 10 things.

10 Things People Don’t Know About Me (Part 1)

1.  When I was a little girl and would got sick, I always asked my mother to buy me a new coloring book and new crayons.  The act of coloring always soothed me and I really enjoyed the smell of new crayons.  Honestly speaking, I still enjoy the smell of new crayons.

2.  I was the first granddaughter on both sides of my family.  Yes, you could say I was spoiled.

Not sure what to write

SOLC: Day 23

I’m stuck

I’ve got a mental block

Not sure what to write

Not sure what to share

and I’m sitting here just pulling my hair.


Flipping through the channels

pondering something to write

and all I want to do is tell everyone, “good night.”


I will try again tomorrow

after getting a good night’s sleep.

Maybe some inspiration will find me,

but until then, I’m going to count some sheep.

Good Night.


Hide and Seek

SOLC: Day 22

Earlier today I sat on the couch waiting for the realtor.  I was waiting to leave and she was going to show my home to prospective families.  As I waited, I began to recall how we purchased this home and worked on it for a week before officially moving in.

It was the night before the move and without any furniture, TV, or board games my two boys (ages 4 and 7) were bored.  “Mommy, we want to play a game” they would say.  After thinking for a few moments, my husband and I decided to play hide and seek.  How would we find any places to hide without furniture?  This would be a challenge.  First, my husband and I began to slowly count while the boys looked for places to hide.  “Ten.  Ready or not, here we come!”  The search began and we wondered where they could hide in an empty house.  We began to open closet doors and to our surprise, no boys.  As we continued the search we found them hiding in places such as: the lower kitchen cabinets, the pantry, under an air mattress, in boxes, and even in a suitcase.  What ingenuity!  Then it was their turn to count.  Where did my husband and I hide?  Well, all I can say is that hiding behind doors or in closets is too obvious and you will always be the first to be found.

My own TV show

SOLC: Day 21

I haven’t been slicing the past few days because I have been starring in my own version of “Hoarders”.  Since Thursday, we have been painting and putting in new carpeting.  We had to move everything of the bedrooms and put them any all over the house.  By the time everything was out of the bedrooms, we had our own version of Hoarders.  What a mess!  We had to create walking paths to get to the other rooms and our poor dogs were confused.  I thought I was going to scream.  My OCD issues were in overtime.

Now everything is back in place and ready for tomorrow’s open house.  I hope everything goes well because I am exhausted!  Good Night.